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Things one cannot see.

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Since I’ve deleted all my contents on social media and decided to publish on this site only, as a result there are less opportunities for you to follow.
For me personally, it would be a shame if no one would notice when I release new posts. Because of this dilemma I decided to provide announcements by sending you a personal and well-considered newsletter.
Here’s the thing about newsletters: No one wants to receive spam or dull messages in his or hers mailbox. I am totally aware of this circumstance. On the other hand, everyone has an email address, so I don’t depend on a specific platform in terms of communication. In consequence, an email newsletter is the best choice for me.

But how can I convince you to trust me with this?
First of all, if you’re interested in the things I do, I’m very honored.
I’ll certainly not abuse this honor with spam. However, if you like my stories and pictures, let me announce some news to you. This will be limited to the very important news. I’ll be bloody honest with you, it’s only gonna happen every few months or so.
To publish more contents, I’d probably have to quit my actual job first. So be brave! Let me know your email address! Write to me and let me know that you want to participate.

message at

A quick side note on data protection: I will save the email address afterwards in order to use it for sending the newsletter. I do this manually without any third party software.

There will always be a chance to leave this again.
Even if I wouldn’t understand such an act, but what the hell. Haha. I think you get the point.

If you’d like to tell me something, follow this path. I’m always ready to listen.

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