Dennis Graeser. A passionate amateur photographer. Welcome to this special blog. #dgraesershots

Make unremarkable things visible.
Things one cannot see.
Make unremarkable things visible.
Things one cannot see.

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The content of the website has been compiled with greatest care and with the best of knowledge. Nonetheless, I can’t assume any liability for the up-to-dateness, completeness and accuracy of any of the pages. Pursuant to section 7 of the TMG, Telemedia Act by German law, I am liable for own contents on these pages in accordance to the general laws.
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Last but not least: Information about data protection

A visit to the website does not result in the storage of personal data or user-related data.
I wish I could also do without data collection on the part of the service provider. But the provider logs pageviews, sessions, hits and retrieved files. In addition, referer URLs, used browsers and client domains are recorded. What is not logged are IP addresses.
For this reason, none of that data can be evaluated to the extent that allows conclusions to be drawn about a visitor.
I cannot and do not want to conduct analyses of visits or user behaviour on the website.
This is unusual nowadays but I’m not interested in such analyses.
It’s important to me that no relevant data is collected and that visitors can therefore move around the website without any worries. The website also doesn’t place any cookies on your computer or use embedded content from other websites.

Furthermore, no forms are used on the website that collect or transmit user-related data.
If a visitor wants to contact me or subscribe to my newsletter, then this happens via an email sent by the visitor to me. The visitor sends an email with his own tools and software over which I’ve no control. Therefore I do not assume any liability for this.
I would like to point out in that context that the transmission of data via the Internet, for example by email, can offer general security vulnerabilities. It is therefore impossible to safeguard data completely against access by third parties.
I cannot assume any liability for damages arising as a result of such security vulnerabilities.

In case you ‚ve contacted me via mail, I will not save your email address or process this information any further. When the conversation is over, your mails will be deleted.
In case you have contacted me in order to subscribe to my newsletter, I will save your email address for sending the newsletter. I send the newsletter manually on my own via email and do not use specialized third party software and any equivalent algorithms.
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At the end a few normal closing words from the operator himself

You finally made it through the text. I hope the words weren’t too tough. In order to lighten up the mood you should have a look at some pictures as soon as possible.

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Thanks for the visit. I cannot wait to welcome you again.
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Then let me announce some news once in a while. A lack of conviction can be eliminated here.
Information about data protection can be found here.
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