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2019/12/15: The celebration of love
2019/12/07: Small town on the horizon
2019/12/07: Mushroom collection
2019/12/01: Underestimated but proud mushrooms
2019/11/16: Another memo from the future
2019/11/03: Autumn has now arrived
2019/10/27: Visit the same place twice
2019/10/18: Prepare to charge them hues
2019/10/09: The leaf enlightenment
2019/09/27: A romantic comeback
2019/08/25: The colorful undead
2019/08/10: Good-looking brands and the law
2019/07/27: An ease of digestion
2019/07/24: Cell phone reception all around
2019/05/30: A memo from the future
2019/05/13: Think about picture printouts
2019/05/09: The surface of the palm
2019/04/27: Under tropical palm trees
2019/04/06: Mundo de diversas plantas canarias
2019/04/06: Mental revelation amidst nature
2019/03/05: Them doors and windows
2019/02/17: Your next vacation foretaste
2019/02/17: Social expectations and a free mind
2019/02/16: Puerto de la Cruz! Welcome!
2019/01/24: Caught somewhere in two worlds

2018/12/15: Passion underneath
2018/12/15: First steps towards the studio
2018/12/05: Fuerteventura without no detours
2018/11/25: Flowers that shine bright
2018/09/03: On domestic meadows
2018/09/02: Daisy-flowers and dandelions
2018/08/05: Changing perspective
2018/07/30: Watercolor paintings
2018/07/29: A track that fades
2018/07/22: Ripeness and the bananas
2018/07/15: Photo documentation
2018/06/02: Splash-effect portraits
2018/05/31: German chaos

2017/11/11: The moss and miscellaneous
2017/10/08: The arrival of the illusionists
2017/09/22: A beautiful series of nature shots
2017/08/30: A beautiful beginning

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