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Make unremarkable things visible.
Things one cannot see.
Make unremarkable things visible.
Things one cannot see.

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2021/10/10: Right powders for all occasions Description: People are cheated out of their expectations and supplements quickly become their meals. 2021/10/02: Summer’s end has arrived Description: Colors of nature are changing again. First leaves begin their annual transformation. 2021/09/26: Knocked off the throne Description: You told much and yet there was nothing behind it. Now all those people talk about me. 2021/09/15: Shine like the superstar Description: They’ll eat you up the moment you are unprepared. So better pay some attention. 2021/08/28: M Description: The letter I laid eyes on brought up memories from my childhood in quite a flash. 2021/08/20: A lion sleeps tonight Description: Despite that mighty jungle around him, the lion still finds his inner peace. Namaste. 2021/08/01: Filtered Description: The internet is a pretty strange place. Who has some experiences for sharing? 2021/07/25: Made with passion and love Description: Although textiles are an integral part of our lives, the article is only incidentally about them. 2021/07/04: The bunch of unpleasant questions Description: Despite all that questions: Will you be a part of the future and have fun, nevertheless? 2021/07/04: Smartphone pictures Description: Smartphone cameras are getting better. So it is not absurd thinking about the topic. 2021/06/14: Back to the roots Description: Were them nature shots suddenly no longer good enough for me? Huh? 2021/06/14: A wild memory game Description: What if I told you that there are five couples among them wild pictures? 2021/05/09: The toads and the green vegetation Description: At some point I wanted them pictures in higher resolution and somewhat better quality. 2021/04/25: Please! With extra cheese!! Description: The people around that food stall are looking at me. I start feeling very warm now. 2021/04/17: The master of the universe Description: The longer he looked at that sky, the more aware he became that life was a miracle. 2021/04/04: Closed cave at Easter Description: After his death Jesus rose again at Easter. But would he've done the same this year? 2021/03/28: Fascination about an avocado seed Description: Even though I've seen some stuff, this one completely knocks my socks off. 2021/03/14: This touch of disgust Description: Unfortunately, I’m no longer sure I really wanna see everything up close. 2021/03/14: A grind through meat Description: What goes through this grinder looks all the same. You cannot trace none of the ingredients. 2021/03/07: The evolution of macros Description: I now take pictures like under a microscope. This fits the website's slogan even better. 2021/01/24: Fine ace up the sleeve Description: Instead of hurting others, we should respond to their needs and to their concerns. 2021/01/10: A fresh start with pleasant winter colors Description: Nothing needs to be told here. Let your upcoming associations work on you. 2020/12/24: Catch up a notch Description: These pictures may be a bit older, but they were able to mature like a serious wine. 2020/11/29: The precise review of 2020 Description: Where we must agree: Living conditions have changed for all of us. 2020/11/21: A look behind closed doors Description: Houses have their own history. But unlike us, they cannot be questioned. 2020/10/25: Eerie mutation down at them fields Description: I can see something gaudy that pulsates purple. What in hell is this thing. 2020/10/25: Pumpkin harvest Description: You shouldn't miss this time of the year if you want to take some photos again. 2020/09/24: Winter is coming Description: One warm September afternoon, not long ago, I saw the signs right in front of me. 2020/09/18: When hell has broken loose Description: I don't know how to put this. Perhaps I may not have told you the whole truth. 2020/08/30: When hell breaks loose Description: Hot affairs do indeed have their consequence. Still no reason to panic. 2020/08/09: Music makes the world go boom-shakalaka Description: In whatever situations in life you find yourself in: Music sets all them feelings free. 2020/08/09: Guitars elements Description: A closer look pays off and that not to musicians alone. 2020/08/02: A devious cliffhanger Description: We are about to introduce a brand-new section: Find out what there is to see! 2020/05/22: Nothing to tell about Corona Description: There will not be a lot to discuss when everything has already been said. 2020/05/03: The surface of them birches Description: Even native trees reveal weird details at a close look. It doesn't have to be palm trees. 2020/04/24: Beacon of entertainment Description: There is one leisure activity that gained importance during this period of time. 2020/03/29: Affectionate birdsongs Description: I hear there are people who get mad about them birds. I cannot agree on that. 2020/03/15: Cabin in the woods Description: I will take care of you whenever you need protection. But do look after me as well. 2020/03/07: Them woods and the wanderlust Description: We got out of our car and entered another world. Like going through a portal. 2020/03/07: Impressions from the woodlands Description: Beautiful scenes appear when you walk through them woods with full attention. 2020/02/22: A material of choice Description: Wood has been an integral part of civilization and with good reason. 2020/02/08: An unexpected as well as small visitor Description: It was a average day, but then, all of a sudden, something unexpected happened. 2020/02/08: Neighborhood botanics Description: It does not have to be a trip around the world to meet true beauties. 2019/12/15: The celebration of love Description: People go on a hunt for Christmas presents that the world doesn’t need. 2019/12/07: Small town on the horizon Description: High pillars rise up. But only the rich and beautiful can afford an apartment. 2019/12/07: A mushroom collection Description: Some impressions of different mushrooms in portrait format to marvel upon. 2019/12/01: Underestimated but proud mushrooms Description: The mushroom is neither plant nor animals, but still sets amazing world records. 2019/11/16: Another memo from the future Description: Once you had money, there was no one holding back. We did not leave the poor a dime. 2019/11/03: Autumn has arrived Description: This is the time: Scarves are part of the outfit again and jackets become thicker. 2019/10/27: Do visit the same place twice Description: I can tell you it's worth keeping an eye on a special place throughout the year. 2019/10/18: Prepare to charge those hues Description: Protocol must be upheld at all costs, so that the hue receptors react as we wish. 2019/10/09: Leaf enlightenment Description: To photograph small things from a high-angle perspective, you need one little thing. 2019/09/27: Romantic comeback Description: Nature has taken things back. The process took a while but it was full of power. 2019/08/25: The colorful undead Description: You cannot take zombies seriously anymore. Let's have fun with the undead again. 2019/08/10: Good-looking brands and the law Description: Here I was with some pretty product pictures without being able to publish them. 2019/07/27: An ease of digestion Description: I don't know how cherries are to digest but I couldn't think of anything better. 2019/07/24: Cell phone reception all around Description: Dead spots are unacceptable. People want high-speed phone reception. Period. 2019/05/30: A memo from the future Description: It's been a long time since the system totally collapsed. But no one could do a thing. 2019/05/13: Think about picture printouts Description: Large-format image printing is a destiny that does justice to a good photograph. 2019/05/09: That wicked surface of them palms Description: There are wicked details to discover when you look at palm trees up close. 2019/04/27: Under tropical palm trees Description: Remember this dream scenario the next time you cannot sleep and lie awake. 2019/04/06: Mundo de diversas plantas canaria Description: Another great selection of marvelous flowers from the Canaries to admire. 2019/04/06: Mental revelation amidst nature Description: Loosen up and dive into a world of diverse and wondrous plants. Get involved. 2019/03/05: These doors and windows Description: You could portrait a town with them. Their colors and corners make statements. 2019/02/17: Vacations foretaste Description: Planning ahead is not always the best thing to do. Just live the very moment. 2019/02/17: Social expectations and a free mind Description: Do not do things because they've always been done so. Go your personal way. 2019/02/16: Hola! Welcome to Puerto de la Cruz! Description: Caramba! Let me invite you to a small town in the northern part of Tenerife. 2019/01/24: Caught somewhere in two worlds Description: Let’s get into the turmoil. There are endless roads out there waiting to be driven on. 2018/12/15: Passion underneath Description: Stefan's caught in two worlds like a superhero who has to save lives at night. 2018/12/15: First steps towards the studio Description: About the essential things you need for a modest but powerful photo studio. 2018/12/05: Fuerteventura without detours Description: A few impressions of Fuerteventura to put you into vacation mood without detours. 2018/11/25: Flowers who shine bright Description: I would reckon that’s a beautiful mixture of varied and colorful flowers. 2018/09/03: Upon domestic meadows Description: Please notice, there are underestimated beauties right on our doorstep. 2018/09/02: Daisy-flowers and dandelions Description: People treat these flowers like weeds but that ain’t a feeling they should receive. 2018/08/05: Changing the perspective Description: Let me tell you how a different perspective can sharpen the view tremendously. 2018/07/30: Watercolor paintings Description: About those pictures you're not sure if they were painted or photographed. 2018/07/29: A track that fades Description: Each of us has the opportunity to leave something behind. Good or bad. Your choice. 2018/07/22: Ripeness and the bananas Description: Some like them ripe, some like them fresh. I am not talking about bananas here. 2018/07/15: Photo documentation Description: A small detail could become something like a challenge for us photographers. 2018/06/02: Artistic splash-effect portraits Description: How I discovered a method to change a ordinary portrait into something gorgeous. 2018/05/31: German chaos Description: There are more than a thousand words hidden in one simple picture. Trust me. 2017/11/11: The moss and the miscellaneous Description: There's a ton of moss and other things to see. Some macros are also included. 2017/10/08: Arrival of the illusionist Description: A big legendary fairy tale about book-flipping magic. An absolute must-read. 2017/09/22: A beautiful series of nature shots Description: It's not always about the preparation to get a good picture. I can ensure you that. 2017/08/30: The beautiful beginning Description: Let me tell you how my passion about photography originally started.

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