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Ripeness and the bananas

Some like em ripe, some like em fresh. I am not talking about bananas here.

Pubilshed on 2018/07/22
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It’s getting weirder here. Maybe you should reconsider before you continue reading.
When you look at the following two pictures, you’ll probably think I’m completely insane now. In the end, however, some things can be deduced from the pictures.
First and foremost, many things in life are a matter of taste. In our case, of course, this applies especially to the art of photography. And as is well known, art is debatable. Look at those pictures. Whether you like them or not is literally a matter of taste.
Some people like dark and ripe bananas, others like them picked fresh from trees. What some like, others find bad. Technical things play a secondary role here.
Another message contained in the pictures could be not to wait too long with things. We shouldn’t keep postponing things we actually burn for. Time is a limited resource. You better have that in mind. We should seize opportunities that bring us long-term happiness.
Because these, too, will perish if not taken.

How about you, what are you postponing? Who would have thought such a message would grow up here? If I reached you, share this post with your friends.




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