Make unremarkable things visible.

Things one cannot see.

The arrival of the illusionists

A legendary fairy tale about book-flipping magic. An absolute must-read.

Pubilshed on 2017/10/08
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Once upon a time, a magnificent, noble young knight and his beautiful princess were about to embark on a great adventure.
In the distant countries, the weather was unpleasant, and as they traveled, the clouds kept coming and disappearing again. There was a lot of thrill in the air.
Then suddenly strong wind came up and tore all clouds apart. A beautiful blue sky revealed itself and the sun shined so clear and bright for a moment, you wouldn’t believe.
After a little moment everything changed.
The noble knight and his beautiful princess decided to rest when they reached the top of a gorgeous mountain and the day ended. After they have pitched their camp, they suddenly heard a disconcerting and unsettling noise from the woods.
The young lady was frightened, he had also a queasy feeling.
A noise like that does not occur often, still he recognised it very well. Like he has sworn by his holy vow and you’d expect from such a great knight, he raised bravely and headed towards the unknown.
As he strided through the woods, he holds his mighty picture machine in his hands. A picture machine the elders gave to him a long time ago. It has been inherited through generations and was forged for circumstances like this. With a sovereign grip on the machine, the knight’s consciousness was getting more and more focused. In his past, there weren’t that much suitable opportunities for a usage of the picture machine. But deep in his heart he knew exactly what to do. People used to sing songs about such heroic acts and they will do so again.
He knew this, and as it turned out later, he was right.

A trembling rustle appeared when he walked through the bushes. He was dazzled by the light that revealed to him. After the amount of light faded a bit, he couldn’t believe what he saw. He hasn’t seen something like this in his entire life before.
He couldn’t have imagined this even in his dreams: The gravity was out of control. The earth was shaking. There was a shrill whistling to hear and books flew through the air! They came from nowhere and raised up into the sky.
He adjusted his mighty picture machine and shot some photographs.



Those two pictures were found decades later. What he left us is hard to believe. We never heard from the noble young knight and his beautiful princess again.
Some say that they settled somewhere in the south to live a calm and modest life. Some others say that they never made it from the mountain. What we definitely know is that people used to sing songs about that heroic act for years. The tale has been told ever since.


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