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First steps towards the studio

About the essential things you need for a modest but powerful photo studio.

Pubilshed on 2018/12/15
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Hiya, my dearest fan! I am so happy to welcome you again.
The last two months it has been somewhat quiet around this blog. In return, I have some nice new contents in the pipeline and I can’t wait to share them with you all.
Before we dedicate ourselves to Stefan: Have you noticed that the website shines in a renewed and modern splendor? Sure, you’ve noticed that. I can’t explain it either, but sometimes something grabs me and I can’t resist. This would also explain what I have spent the last time with. I hope the new design matches your taste.

Anyway. I’d like to introduce you to Stefan in this article. Stefan is a close friend of mine.
We both often fool around, men do that when they have too much time. A long movie night, a few beers and we knew we had to do something big. Like conquer the world.
Stefan is an avid and ambitious road cyclist. He does the sport quite professionally, even though he does not earn money there. He practically lives for cycling.
I know you can sense the thrill: That’s a pretty good starting point for a rich story.
The idea that we put into our heads is further deepened here. I don’t usually insist that you really visit one of those links, but this time you will definitely not regret your decision.
So we had a specific picture in our heads. To realize this picture, a few components were necessary. A photo studio, to be a little more precise. But I didn’t have much space and I didn’t want to spend large amounts of money either.
As a consequence, I have only bought a few essential things that allow me to be very flexible.
What are the things that you need for a modest photo studio?
In my case this would be two softboxes, a background system and a grey cardboard background. You can, of course, use other components or shoot without the background system. You could search for a suitable background in your surroundings as an alternative.
But in our scenario we needed a clean, almost sterile background, plus for me personally this combination offers the most possibilities. What you undoubtedly need are softboxes. At least one single softbox should be found in any household …
Once all is set up, the fun and excitement do the rest. The following pictures were taken without any intention while we were pursuing our actual mission:



I have to admit that finding the right settings, on the camera as well as on the model, its position on the ground, to the background and to the lights, can be a bit challenging at first.
But once you’re in the flow, you do not need to change much anymore.

Conclusion: With little effort and financial resources, almost excellent conditions can be created. Back at your place. The components described are then dismantled and stowed in a space-saving manner. Under your bed, for instance.
At the end I want to encourage you again to check the teaser to our mind-blowing idea.
I know for sure I can be a annoying pain in the ass …
Apart from that, I want to thank you for spending your time! Share the article.
PS: Except for this article, there hasn’t been much about portraits on this website. Make sure you’ve read those two as well. Therefore please click here and here.


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