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Why large-format image printing is a destiny that does justice to a good photograph.

Pubilshed on 2019/05/13
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Hello dear friends. A warm welcome again.
In this article I’d like to bring up the exciting topic of image printing. With this I do not mean by yourself at home with a laser printer on normal office paper or something of that sort. I’m talking about professional printing like canvas or large-format poster prints.
I’m talking about real photo paper.
A reason to create this website was that I didn’t want my pictures to simply die as JPEG files on one of many external hard drives. I wanted them to have a better fortune.
Printing your images is basically the same thing. Except that you give an even greater honor.
Imagine having one of your favourite images printed large on high-quality canvas and hung up in your living room. Whenever you enter the room, you will gaze at this printout.
That’s what I call a destiny that does justice to a good photograph.
I have ordered pictures for printing several times now. Not to hang them in my own apartment, but to give them to friends or family as a birthday present.
You won’t believe how much delight can be provided this way. Especially because we all have a piece of blank white wall at home and a self-created picture of a friend is a thousand times more exciting than a purchased one.
For example, my pal Stefan couldn’t believe his eyes when we handed him the picture we had taken together. For him it’s more than an image. He sees the great day we spent.

But there is another reason for having pictures professionally printed:
Once you’re standing in front of a large-format printed picture that you’ve taken yourself, you will realize what all this lunatic technology in your camera is really capable of doing.
A picture three times the size of your computer monitor still being super sharp, even though you’re standing right in front of it. In this moment you will understand that it does not always have to be the latest camera on the market.
There are quite a few pixels in 24 MP, not to mention the trend of 50 MP and even more.
But even normal-sized photo prints are sufficient. Thanks to them you can literally touch your images and get a better understanding. Something natural in analog times.

For the following pictures I have chosen a rather unusual format.
I had them printed 1:1 on canvas and then hung them next to each other. Due to this special format, the impact is extra creative and beautiful to look at. The compilation of similar contents is the icing on the cake.
Follow this link to view the images in their original format.

As ever, I would like to thank you for your time and hope that I’ve been able to inspire.






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