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Stefan is caught in two worlds like a superhero who has to save lives at night.

Article pubilshed on 2018/12/15 and last updated on 2018/01/24
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In the last post I wrote some words about studio photography and what you need for a modest but powerful studio. I also introduced my friend Stefan in a short note:
Stefan is a close friend of mine, and beyond that an avid and ambitious road cyclist. He does the sport quite professionally, even though he does not earn real money there.
At the same time he is also a diligent working bee and spends most of his day in the office, attends meetings, writes emails and edits documents and so on and so forth. He is again involved with all his heart and soul. This facet of him is just equally familiar.
A whole lot of people only know this one version of him. His colleagues wouldn’t expect such a passion to be hidden under the suit he wears. So to speak, he’s caught in two worlds.
Like a superhero who has to save lives at night, but lives a normal existence during the day.

We soon realized that we somehow have to illustrate this circumstance in a meaningful and telling picture. This post was first planned as a teaser because we created something hilarious more or less by accident when we pursued our actual vision.
At this point I would like to announce some great news: Since we’ve implemented our vision in the meantime, please make sure you don’t miss this thrilling post.



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