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Cell phone reception all around

Dead spots are unacceptable. People want high-speed phone reception. Period.

Pubilshed on 2019/07/24
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Another profound article comes up again. What has become of this website? Click here to read the last post about a fictional utopia of the future.
The featured content this time? High-speed mobile reception.
People want cell phone reception everywhere. That’s not all. The available network must also be fast. But even being fast would not be enough.
It would have to be high-speed at least for it to suffice. Codeword 5G.
Dead spots are unacceptable. This clearly makes sense for pure telephony with regard to emergency calls. The question is not whether one is in favour or against reception. The demand for fast mobile access for streaming multimedia content from any place is the problem.
Perhaps it is only a matter of basically having the freedom and opportunity to go online with high-speed at any time and any place.
Don’t misunderstand: Surely there are useful purposes for 5G, but I honestly doubt that watching movies in 4K on Netflix on the way to work on the train is part of such a purpose.
5G is a new kind of radiation for which there are no empirical values, but already some serious assumptions: There are indications that 5G could promote the development of cancer as an example. How does the thought feel that a frequency is about to come that will suddenly no longer penetrate your body without further consequences?
Terabyte by terabyte at any time of the day due to higher performance.
I doubt you’d want to live next to such a mast.



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