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Another memo from the future

Once you had money, there was no holding back. We didn’t leave the poor a dime.

Pubilshed on 2019/11/16
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Business has been good, we made shitloads of money. The mismatch between rich and poor ultimately led to an unimaginable amount of dollar bills in our pockets.
All that mattered was which side you were on:
Once you had a certain amount of money, there was no holding back. The more you had, the more it could multiply. It was a piece of cake.
The poor, on the other hand, had nothing. We didn’t leave them a single dime.
Eat or be eaten. That’s the way life was, get over it, child.
It would have gone on like this forever if our system hadn’t collapsed one day.
A difficult time, everything went haywire. We had to defend ourselves and our wealth. Money had completely lost value over time, but we didn’t want to hear that.
Even if we couldn’t purchase nothing from it no more, our money still belonged to us.
As the time passed, we withdrew more and more. We withdrew until there was no one and nothing left of us. Nothing but our beloved piles of money.




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