Make unremarkable things visible.

Things one cannot see.

Prepare to charge them hues

Protocol must be upheld at all costs, so that the hue receptors react as we wish.

Pubilshed on 2019/10/18
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I need full attention, we don’t have no time to lose. We have rehearsed this situation over and over again, but this time it’s serious. I strongly point out that this is not an exercise.
However, there’s no reason to panic.
We’ll proceed strictly according to protocol: To boost up the hue, we must first put the machine into alarm mode. Throw some coal in the oven so we gain enough power.
Once the alarm is triggered, we can start raising the temperature. But remain calm, we have to be careful with this. If we heat up too fast, things will blow up around our ears.
The next step is to check that the lines are clear.
Perfect. Perfect. Once we build up enough pressure, we can move on.

We can open the valves now. As prescribed in the protocol, not too harsh, please.
Hold on a second. The system reports the first changes.
The hue receptors react as expected. I think we can go full throttle now, do you agree? Looks like another successful operation.





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