Make unremarkable things visible.

Things one cannot see.

A track that fades

Each of us has the opportunity to leave something behind. Good or bad. Your choice.

Article pubilshed on 2018/07/29 and last updated on 2019/06/09
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You enter this planet, gain a foothold, then move. Sometimes you go left and other times you take a turn to the right. On your path you make decisions that come along with consequences.
Consequences for you, but also for your environment.
Actually, you know from the beginning that your existence is very limited.
We are born to die and have to live with that burden. Some poeple live the moment, some the future and not the present.
But which option is the right one? Just a few people think beyond their end. What remains at the end of the journey if one leaves? Do you leave good or bad?
If your whole life would be one step, what would you do with this short period of time? When the foot with which you’ve entered rises again …
What do you suppose: How long will it take for your tracks to fade?




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