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Let’s get into the turmoil. There are endless roads out there waiting to be driven on.

Pubilshed on 2019/01/24
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The alarm clock rings, I open my eyes and get ready. I jump into my jersey and with those cycling shoes tied I am on the way to my beloved road bike.
Still dark outside, I can clearly feel the stinging wind in my face and on my hands. It is freezing cold and fresh. But that’s the great thing about riding so early in the day.
Feel alive. Feel the heart beat. Feel the effort. Other people are still asleep, I think to myself. They are to blame for this themselves.
A shame that my way is actually that short. I’d love to ride so much longer if I only could.
Arriving at my destination, I throw my suit over my wonderful jersey. Like this I get into the elevator, welcome to the office.
Good morning Stefan, how are you? I wrote you a mail regarding the conference tomorrow. Can you also revise the document and the presentation again? An and before I forget: A customer has called. What was his name again … Smith? I don’t really remember. Anyway.
He wants to discuss an urgent problem with you in person. Oh and could you take care of the protocol later in our meeting? Thanks buddy, you’re so nice.
Sounds like a regular day. Well then let’s get to work … In the hustle and bustle, all I can think about is my bike. I have to think about that nice little trip up here. The peace while everyone sleeps and the streets belong just to me. The silence but also the sound of wind.
The phone’s ringing. Callback from Mr. Smith.
I’m curious when my colleagues will find out. If they knew I always wore my outfit under my suit.
If they knew that I was always ready to ride the streets.
So this was the day, I think to myself while I tear my suit from my body and throw it into the next best garbage can. I hop on my bike like a lightning bolt and I pedal. My town needs me.
Let’s get into the turmoil. There are endless roads out there waiting to be driven on. I shouldn’t waste any time now.

That is the fire burning inside me. That is who I am. Stefan.


So that was the long-awaited article on Stefan and his stirring destiny. Did the article meet the expectations that I had built up? Please let me know about your thoughts!
This was the third post in a row about Stefan. All began with an article on studio photography, followed by an exciting teaser post. I don’t know about you, but if it was up to us, we could keep going. Fortunately, we still have one or two ideas up our sleeves.
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