Make unremarkable things visible.

Things one cannot see.

Changing perspective

Let me tell you how a different perspective can sharpen the view tremendously.

Article pubilshed on 2018/08/05 and last updated on 2019/09/27
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You must have noticed the two pictures above. What have you seen?
To be honest, the content is not easy to identify at first glance. But at second glance, you’ll surely have seen that those are peanuts. Crushed peanut shells to be more specific.
A well-known remnant of a good movie night.
How about changing the perspective to sharpen your view a little bit more? Let’s travel back in time and find out how this mess looked like before.


Let’s travel further back in time to the beginning of the scene:



The reason why these shells were not immediately visible is the zoom factor. As mentioned above, we traveled back in time where this mess had not yet happened.
So zooming wouldn’t be the right term here. To be more precise, it wouldn’t have been possible to zoom out. I mean, how could you have zoomed out? What would you’ve seen?
At the beginning there were only a few nuts. Zooming would not have worked, trust me on this.
I mean, it could have worked, but only if we had called it time zooming, not time traveling.
Jesus, this drives me nuts. I mean crazy …
All right, now cut the crap. You got to know me over time. Something as obvious as a time travel is not the only thing that can be seen here. The context could as well be somewhat abstract.
I guess that’s occupational hazard.
The situation could be similar with tunnel vision. Because the view is focused and zoomed in, the only thing people see is details. In the daily hustle, they tend to stick to those details. They are distracted from the essentials and get bogged down without seeing what’s going on next to them.
This phenomenon happens all the time both in private and at work. And it could get very exhausting in the long run. Buzzword here is rat race.
However, when you zoom out and change your perspective, you’ll be able to see things clearly again. To put it in a nutshell, we should look at our situation from the meta level on a regular basis. This makes it easier to make better decisions and to not lose sight of our goals.
Phew! Did you notice the gorgeous pun?

Another article with profound content comes to an end.
Just recently I wrote about the tracks we leave behind ourselves, about not to postpone things we actually burn for and obsessive perfectionism. Originally this blog was supposed to tell stories about the creation of my pictures or about anecdotes connected to them. Insane how far you can go interpreting the message stored in pictures.
And there’s the motto again: Make unremarkable things visible.


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