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German chaos

There are more than a thousand words hidden in one simple picture. Trust me.

Article pubilshed on 2018/05/31 and last updated on 2018/07/29
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Hello there. It feels great to see you again.
A great amount of time has passed since the last post. Crazy how time flies. This is going to be a small article because I don’t want to torture you with lots of words. This time I’ll show you one single picture that already says all there is to say.
A wise man once said: There are more than a thousand words hidden in a picture.
If you had to describe Germans, what comes to mind? Diligence?
Punctuality or perfectionism? That Germans are exceptionally accurate?
At this point I should perhaps hook in and assure you that there are enough counterexamples in reality. You can trust me here, haha. But those are pretty weird values. Let’s face it, values like that can quickly go negative: Obsessive perfectionism as an example.
We drive ourselves nuts to reach desperately one hundred percent or even more. But the funny thing is, that there is no such thing as perfectionism at all, or can you observe it in nature? No tree is like the other, everything is an individual.
So you should stop doing that. A few percent less is fine, as well.

I quoted a wise man above. What about this quote? Get things done is better than perfect. Franklin once said, well done is better than well said. I think we can all take a lesson from this. Perhaps I can make you ponder this time?
Actually, there’s not much to see in the picture, is there?


Please note that I haven’t reinvented the wheel here.
You can google this kind of a picture. I still wanted to present my very own version. So much for inspiration by the way: See something gorgeous and imitate.
And that’s it again. Thanks for reading and spending your time again.
You are welcome to give me your opinion.
PS: Meanwhile, there is another short article that contains one simple image with much room for personal interpretation. May I please accompany you there? Would be a pleasure.


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