Make unremarkable things visible.

Things one cannot see.

A romantic comeback

Nature has taken things back. The process took a while but it was full of power.

Pubilshed on 2019/09/27
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You put one foot in front of the other. The grass wet from morning dew makes soft noises while you’re walking. It’s quite tall and the small drops of water sparkle in the morning light.
After a few meters you’re standing in front of the parcel: A piece of land with history that has obviously not been cultivated for a long time.
It’s hard to see a thing. Not even the old pathways are visible to the naked eye.
Next to an old wooden fence you then recognize an entrance. A small trail leads past a meadow and an old cherry tree to another very old tree. Everything is quiet.
You let your eyes wander again.
Tall shrubs and bushes between old rotten trellises. Ropes still hold them together to some extent. Huge unrestrained raspberry and blackberry plants rise from them.
The tree you’re standing under seems to be a walnut tree.
Meanwhile, some time has passed. The air now feels some kind of heavy on this lukewarm summer morning. Smells become more intense and the soundscape more alive.
You discover a small garden shed. Its red color is partly peeled off, partly covered with moss.
Ivy that grows everywhere on the ground has found its way to the shed. Looks like the shed is the prey, the way it’s being swallowed.
You also discover an old barbeque grill and old chairs drowned in the green thicket.
All this is telling a story. A lot has happened here.
Nevertheless, everything was suddenly abandoned, as if there had been no more interest.
You can feel how it became quiet then. How it stayed quiet.
Nature has taken things back. Things that once belonged to her. The process took a while but it was constant and full of power.
You feel comfortable in this place of peace. Romantic to fall in love with.




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