Make unremarkable things visible.

Things one cannot see.

On domestic meadows

Believe me, there are many underestimated beauties right on our doorsteps.

Article pubilshed on 2018/09/03 and last updated on 2019/08/09
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Well, hello again! Just recently there was an article about daisy-flowers and dandelions. I can assure you, it was no normal article.
Howsoever, this is supposed to be the sequel.
Besides daisy-flowers and dandelions, there are many more underestimated beauties in your very own garden right on your very own doorstep. It’s madness to have to draw such explicit attention to them, but that must be the burden of all everyday things.
One loses the eye and the interest in the all-present very quickly these days. Maybe we should take some more time off and enjoy what we have?
Maybe we should be grateful for the small things in life more often?
What do you encounter every day that has become self-evident to you over time? Just pay attention once in a while, you’ll not regret this experiment.
It would be sad if we were to overlook small things just because we are too overexcited, which ensures that they no longer mean anything special to us at all.
Things have to go higher and faster. The smallest areas must be improved. With this in mind, you should appreciate such underestimated beauties around you more often in the future again.


I had a lot more pictures standing here once. But I decided to move them to a seperate gallery with more pictures of shining flowers. Please don’t miss that post.


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