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The celebration of love

People go on a hunt for Christmas presents that the world doesn’t need.

Pubilshed on 2019/12/15
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Another year has passed. Christmas, the celebration of love, is coming again. How wonderful.
At this time of the year it gets comfortable and peaceful for some people. For example, shift down a gear or two, surround yourself with your friends and family, have a good time.
But there is also another group of people:
Those who get really stressed out before Christmas. This could be due to colleagues
or customers at work who would like to have their desks emptied
and because of that throwing tasks around. The more is achieved in those last few weeks, the better.
But the hectic pace is mainly caused by something different.
Christmas presents.
The fact that probably not all of them have been acquired yet and there may not even be ideas here and there. A real panic breaks out.
People go on a hunt for presents that the world doesn’t need.
And those presents indeed often don’t please: Uncomfortable for both sides. On the one hand faked happiness, on the other hand stress with exchange right after Christmas.
Yet it should not be about material things or consumption at all. People out there do not know about that, but we do. We are different than the others.
We’re not part of this twisted and perverse game.
We set a good example and remain calm. Together we save the world.

That being said, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year folks. See you around.


PS: I thought at first I’d never be able to produce so much content, after all, there’s work and stuff. But we had a total of 25 posts this season. Another reason to celebrate!


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