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Visit the same place twice

I can tell you it's worth keeping an eye on a special place throughout the year.

Article pubilshed on 2019/10/27 and last updated on 2019/12/07
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One of the first posts ever posted on this website was about the fact that you don’t always have to prepare yourself in order to get good pictures or results.
A little comment right away: The article has slipped into the post archive a long time ago.
On this trip a special picture emerged: A luminous autumn leaf on a vivid bed of moss. Scions rose into the sky in a beautiful way.
A great and unique scene for me personally.
I like to recall that moment because the wall, on which the moss was placed, stood so inconspicuously and discreetly on the side of a street in the middle of the town. A lot of people pass by this street every day. But at first glance this hidden world remains unseen.
Recently I happened to run past this spot again and had to stop right away. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This time there were no leaves, but many small mushrooms, which raised between the moss.
Again a gorgeous scene.
I thought straightaway, why not go to the exact same place a second time with the exact same camera and the same lens as before?
I can tell you it’s worth keeping an eye on a special place throughout the year. You don’t believe the things that can change. The seasons are just one example.
Have you ever had such an experience before? You know a place like this?


Talking about mushrooms: I have some nice shots of them in process at the moment. I am still editing the pictures from the Black Forest. Soon these will also be published.
The following pictures suit as well at the moment: After all, summer is over now and autumn has now arrived with his unpleasant weather.


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