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Planning ahead is not always the best thing to do. Just live the very moment.

Pubilshed on 2019/02/17
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Hola there and welcome to part two of my Tenerife series!
As promised, I don’t wanna bother you in this post with profound thoughts, instead I want to give you a foretaste of your next vacation.
As befits a trendy blog, I wanna make you a little jealous. At least that’s how social media works these days: No matter when you check them, your friends are on vacation, hanging out on beaches all the time. Does that sound familiar? Whatsoever.
The first part was about social expectations and how to keep a free mind these days. Such deep content in combination with a vacation on Tenerife? Sure go ahead and read the first article.
You can also follow this way to see some impressions of Fuerteventura.


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We approached each day with complete peace of mind. No alarm clock disturbed us, the mobile phones were both turned off, and above all no appointments. We didn’t even plan ahead. We’ve only decided for the moment. And trust me. It felt so good.
After waking up, we went for breakfast. Sometimes it took longer and sometimes not. On some days we started our trips down into the city or the nearby nature immediately afterwards. On other days we first had a nice rest by the pool and did a little bit of reading.
The trips themselves were basically explorations, sort of walks.
And we walked a lot. And this, too, felt so good. Equipped with a camera in the hand and some provisions in our backpacks.
Just to see what’s going on and what’s there to discover. Somehow a feeling of freedom.
And then in the evening, when we got back to the hotel, a hot shower and some sauna did the rest. The same program over and over again. Just beautiful. All without any compulsion.
To put it in a nutshell, this is real vacation to me. Of course some action or adventure can’t hurt as well. But be aware that there is a difference between relaxation and travel.
What does your version of real vacation look like? As usual, don’t hesitate and tell me. And as it should be, I am curious to know.
That’s all I wanted to share with you. Thanks again for spending your valuable time.
As mentioned before, take a look at the picture gallery.


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